Are you a former UHN trainee?

We hope that you enjoyed your time at the UHN and that your training here prepared you well for the next steps in your career. Former trainees are a huge resource! Regardless of how long it’s been since you left, we want to know what you’ve been doing and stay connected with the UHN community!

Scientific Strides

A great way to reunite with current and past UHN Trainees is to join our team <em>Scientific Strides</em> for the Journey to Conquer Cancer 5k Run or Walk. This year’s family-friendly event will take place on Sunday June 19, 2016. Click here for details, to join, or to donate to the cause.

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Register with the ORT to stay connected to the UHN trainee community and to help trainees find out what career paths they can follow after their time at UHN. We know that UHN trainees go on to do amazing things! Whether you’re in academia, a clinician, an industrial scientist, a science writer, or something we haven’t even imagined, we would love to hear your story and learn how UHN training helped shape your future. You can help future trainees by sharing your success story—which can be highlighted here and through the ORT Times newsletter—answering trainee questions, and coming back to ORT reunion events.

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NOTE: With your permission, your information will be shared only with other UHN trainees, both former and future.

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Share Your Suggestions for Improving ORT Services

Now that you have had the opportunity to reflect on your experience at the UHN and to identify skills you wish you had been able to acquire during your time here, please share those insights. If your new organization is doing something really well, and UHN/ORT should consider implementing a similar program, please call it to our attention. We welcome your input!

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