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The ORT Times is a monthly e-newsletter focused on UHN trainees featuring news and editorials about trainee life, articles to help developing researchers get the most out of their training experience at UHN, and tips on career development.

The content of The ORT Times is written primarily by the ORT coordinator and the Science Writer – who is a trainee writing part-time for the ORT, giving them valuable science writing experience. The ORT also accepts editorials, tutorials and other content written by UHN trainees.

If you have an idea and would like to write something for the ORT Times, please email the coordinator at to pitch your idea.

August 2016

Feature Story: Deadline approaching for the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Conference Reports: Read conference reports from Evelyne, Mayilee, Alex, Halina and Melanie!

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July 2016

Conference Reports: Read conference reports from Swati, Victor, Samah and Autumn!

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June 2016

Editorial: Writing for the Masses: The Fine Art of Science Journalism
Short Story: Utilizing the Circadian Rhythm to Maximize Health
Latest & Greatest: After breast cancer, the arm still remembers

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May 2016

Editorial: Accomplishment Bliss
Latest & Greatest: Measuring the Nature of Rewards, One Neuron at a Time

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April 2016

Editorial: Duly Noted: The Makings of an Inspired Lab Book
Insider: Get to Know Ashwini Namasivayam, TRI PhD Candidate
Latest & Greatest: Calming the Brain to Treat OCD

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March 2016

Editorial: UHN Surgeon Resolute About Progress of Nanomedicines
Insider: Get to Know Samantha Fernandes, PM MSc Student
Latest & Greatest: Making Medical Testing Less Noisy

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February 2016

Editorial: The ‘Social’ Scientist
Latest & Greatest: Preserving Neurons After Spinal Cord Injury

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January 2016

Insider: Trainee of the Month – Vicki Komisar, PhD Candidate
Latest & Greatest: Peramivir, the Flu Fighter

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December 2015

Insider: Trainee of the Month – Lauren Agro, PhD Candidate
Latest & Greatest: Low EAT-2 causes to DCs to release a cytokine feast

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November 2015

Editorial: Blood Thirst Could Prove Fatal… for Mosquitoes at Least
Latest & Greatest: Bone Marrow Cells Take Their Repair Abilities to Heart

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October 2015

Career Advice: Using CAR Statements for Your Résumé
Money Matters: Personal Finance and Your Future
Editorial: Lost in Translation

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September 2015

Editorial: Good Mentor, Bad Mentee—Getting the Best Out of a Career-Defining Relationship
Latest & Greatest: Emergency granulopoiesis waits for no one… except B cells

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August 2015

News: Is your Research Summer Student leaving UHN at the end of August?

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July 2015

News: Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships: Applications at UHN

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June 2015

Editorial: Improve your chances of publication success
Latest & Greatest: Second-hand smoke creates a haze around quitting
Spotlight: Modern women in science: Achieving Work/Life Balance

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May 2015

Editorial: Toronto collaborations: The local benefit
Lead Article: Free science at last! Releasing the iron grip on open access to academic journals
Latest & Greatest: AML stratification: a surprising role for INPP4B

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April 2015

Lead Article: Addressing Intellectual Property Early with UHN’s TDC Office
Latest & Greatest: Hematopoietic stem cells come out of hiding when CDK6 calls

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March 2015

Lead Article: The Changing Landscape of CIHR Funding
Latest & Greatest: Repairing the foundation: hydrogels for heart healing

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February 2015

Lead Article: To PhD or Not to PhD, That Is the Question
Latest & Greatest: Teaching tolerance: Learning to accept a heart

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January 2015

Lead Article: New wave of antibiotics: is it too late to turn the tide of resistance?

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December 2014

Lead Article: Career Development Tips from Past Workshops Held by ORT and TRI
Special Feature: Exciting new services at STTARR
Alumnus Career Profile: Dr. Paul Spagnuolo, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo

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November 2014

Lead Article: Matching Scientists with Clinicians – Advice for a Fruitful Union
Latest & Greatest: The Difficult Transition from Active to Osteoarthritis
Alumnus Career Profile: Dr. Evelyn Pau, Associate at Bloom Burton & Co.

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October 2014

Lead Article: Spotlight on UHN’s Vector Core Facility
Latest & Greatest: A comparison of neural responses to appetitive and aversive stimuli in humans and other animals

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September 2014

Lead Article: You are more marketable than you realize
Latest & Greatest: Acoustic Estimation of Neck Fluid Volume

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August 2014

Lead Article: Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships: Applications at UHN

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July 2014

Lead Article: A UHN change in status for Postdoctoral Fellows

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June 2014

Lead Article: Successfully Supervising Summer Students
Latest & Greatest: Aaron Kucyi’s publication in the Journal of Neuroscience
Alumnus Career Profile: Dr. Craig Gedye’s academic position

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May 2014

Lead Article: Building a Healthy Relationship with your Supervisor
Tutorial: Helpful Reminders When Hiring Summer Students
Alumnus Career Profile: Dr. Michael Hawkes’ career in academia

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April 2014

Lead Article: Passive Diffusion of Science
Latest & Greatest: Ines Lohse’s publication in Cancers (Basel)
Alumnus Career Profile: Dr. Kidecklel’s career as the Director of Business Development at Mitacs

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March 2014

Lead Article: Preparing for your first international conference
Latest & Greatest: Matthew Smith’s publication in Nature Chemical Biology
Alumna Career Profile: Dr. Silver’s career with Grand Challenges Canada

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February 2014

Lead Article: How getting organized will make you more productive
Latest & Greatest: Self-renewal properties of cancer-initiating cells
Alumna Career Profile: Dr. Laurin’s career as a Forensic Scientist with the RCMP

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January 2014

Lead Article: Beakers to Briefcase
Latest &Greatest: Trigeminal Neuralgia
Alumna Career Profile: Dr. Salima Janmohamed’s Career as a Flow Cytometry Applications Specialist

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Trainee Success

Share your success stories

UHN trainees go on to do amazing things! Whether you are a faculty member, an industrial scientist, a clinician, a science writer, an educator, a graduate student, or something we have not even imagined, we would love to know what you are doing and how your UHN training helped shape your future. Tell us about awards, discoveries, or exciting new career options. Your story can be highlighted here and through our monthly newsletter, The ORT Times. To see our past issues, go to our Archive page.

Travel Awards & Conference Reports

ORT Conference Travel Awards Program

The ORT is pleased to offer a limited number of conference travel awards to enable graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to attend national and international conferences at which they will be presenting an oral and/or poster presentation.

Funds Available
Up to $500/award

Competition Details
Meetings and conferences occur throughout the year. In order to have awards adjudicated in advance, there will be competitions held three times a year:

  • March Competition – for conference participation between May – August (inclusive)
  • July Competition – for conference participation between September – December (inclusive)
  • November Competition – for conference participation between January – April (inclusive)

Visit the Funding Opportunities page for more information.

Upon return from their conference, trainees who received an ORT Conference Travel Award write a short report briefly describing the conference and what they learnt there. These travel reports are published in our monthly newsletter – The ORT Times.