Career Development

The ORT is committed to providing support and resources enabling trainees to achieve their full potential during their training at UHN and as they venture into the next steps of their careers. As part of this mandate, the ORT is offering the following workshops and resources to UHN research trainees.

The ORT Presents: Money Matters, Personal Finance Workshop
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Facilitator Money Matters: Personal Finance Workshop Date February 21, 2018 More Information Register via Presenters Stacey He, Owner of Financial Life Planning Description Understanding the essentials of good money…

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Past Articles from the ORT Times Newsletter

Several past articles in the ORT Times provide valuable content for your career development, including:

Upcoming Events:

Stop Staring at a Blank Page- A writing workshop 

  • Description: Learn how the writing process works, how to design your own unique writing process and practical ways to not only get started but also to maintain your momentum and complete your projects.
  • Workshop Instructor: Melissa Anders, MSc ( Senior Program Manager at University Health Network and Writing Coach at Melissa E. Anders Coaching)
  • Date:  September 25th, 2018
  • Time: 1:30-2:30
  • Location: Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower, 101 College Street, 4th floor, 4-204
  • Register: 

Modern Day Job Search

  • Description: Become a more competitive candidate by understanding how to think like a recruiter or industry hiring manager. In addition, learn key elements to maximize your chance of landing your dream job!
  • Workshop Instructor: Dr. Isaiah Hankel, Fortune 500 Consultant and CEO Of Cheeky Scientist
  • Date: October 19, 2018
  • Time: 2:00-3:00
  • Location: Toronto General Hospital, 585 University Avenue, Munk Elevators, 11th floor, Astellas Conference Room 11PMB190
  • Registration: Please contact

Past Events 2018:

  1. Money Matters: A Finance Workshop
  2. Translating Bioinformatics for Everyday Biology
  3. Resume Writing Workshop
  4. Art and Science of Networking
  5. Career Seminar with Dr. Bettina Hamelin
  6.  Academia Networking Event in honour of PDF Appreciation Week
  7. Industry Networking Event in honour of PDF Appreciation Week
  8. Predatory Journals
  9. Science Writing: Leading Practices
  10. Career Seminar
  11. Improving your Success Through Social Media 

Past Events 2017:

  • From  Academia to Corporate: Alternative careers for PhD’s September 18 2017
  • A Brief Blitz of Scientific Writing Tips September 20 2017
  • From the Bench to Business: The BenchSci Story October 10, 2017
  • Personal Finance and Your Future October 2015
  • Drive Your Way Into a Job: Using CAR Statements to Compose an Impactful Résumé.
  • October 2015
  • Finding $$Funding$$ with the COS Pivot Database
  • June 2013
  • Matching Scientists with Clinicians: Advice for a Fruitful Union
  • November 2014 You are more marketable than you realize September 2014 Toronto Collaborations: The Local Benefit May 2015 To PhD or Not to PhD, That is the Question February 2015
  • Dude, Where’s My Article? How Getting Organized Will Make You More Productive February 2014
  • Passive Diffusion of Science April 2014
Skill Development

Developing your skills, and learning how to market the transferrable skills you learn in your research training can help with your future career. Some skill development resources include:

Mitacs STEP Workshops: these workshops focus on a variety of skills that can be important in research and industry, including writing, project management, and networking. note that you can register for some STEP workshops without having a Mitacs fellowship.

Life Sciences Career Development Society: this UofT-based student society seeks to bridge help bridge academia and industry and holds many seminars and networking events.

Graduate Professional Skills Program: from UofT School of Graduate Studies, this program offers sessions on communication, business, and research-related skills. 

How to create great illustrations using powerpoint

How to write your Thesis Videos

Science Careers: the careers section of the popular journal has many resources and topical articles on career development for young scientists. They also have the Individual Development Plan portal to help you identify your career goals and strengths.

Also be sure to look for networking events and skills development sessions associated with scientific conferences you may attend as part of your research training.

Career Searches

These resources will help you find postings for positions.

University of Toronto Career Centre provides job listings, as well as resources on resume writing and interviewing.

Nature Jobs

Also look at Versatile PhD for non-academic career paths and job listings.