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Who We Are

As home to more than 1200 research students and postdoctoral researchers, UHN is committed to providing an excellent environment for the academic and professional development of our trainees and postdocs.

UHN’s Office of Research Trainees (ORT) serves as a portal for trainee-related information and support for:

  • Current and prospective trainees
  • Principal investigators
  • Administrators and other support staff

What We Do

The ORT will complement existing trainee committees within each UHN research institute, working alongside their representatives to ensure that communication is transferred thoroughly throughout the organization. The ORT is managed by the Research Training Committee, which includes Principal Investigators and Trainee Representatives from each UHN research institute.

The ORT aims to:

  • Showcase the strong UHN research environment
  • Represent and support the research training within UHN
  • Enhance the quality of the research training and mentoring experience
  • Facilitate information exchange and interaction among trainees
  • Assist trainees in obtaining external funding

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ORT Code of Conduct

The Office of Research Trainees (ORT) is committed to ensuring a mutually respectful environment in all operations, events, and digital spaces (ie. website, Twitter, LinkedIn). The ORT prohibits all forms of harassment and discrimination and is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive community space that is welcoming to all trainees and staff.

Director's Message

Welcome to the website of the University Health Network (UHN) Office of the Research Trainee (ORT).

The ORT serves as the central support and information resource for current and prospective trainees and postdoctoral researchers at UHN, and is the go-to place for principal investigators and support staff to get help on trainee issues.

Established in 2011, the ORT directly supports research trainees at the undergraduate, graduate (MSc and PhD) and postdoctoral levels, to enhance their research and mentoring experience at UHN. In addition to the resources on the website for funding—including our own internally adjudicated travel awards and fellowship—career development, research resources, and tips for living life in Toronto, we have a weekly newsletter and organize educational sessions and academic activities. The newsletter features events of interest, funding opportunities, announcements of recent award recipients, highlights of publications, career and alumni profiles, and much more!

LindaPennIt is truly an exciting time to be in science, especially in health-related research. If you’re interested in becoming a trainee or postdoctoral researcher at UHN, be sure to see our resources and listings of current openings. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ORT if you have further questions or other ideas regarding research trainees at UHN!

ORT Director,
Dr. Linda Penn


Our mission is to contribute towards research productivity and excellence at UHN
by providing leadership and support in trainee-related matters.

About UHN

UHN is Canada’s largest hospital network, encompassing four hospital sites with expertise in a number of specialties. Each hospital site is recognized for excellence in distinct areas of specialization, a long and proud history, and a highly committed group of supporters and staff. Rooted in tradition and excellence, UHN plays a leadership role in the transformation of health care.

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The accelerated pace of scientific discovery makes medical research an exciting place to be. Researchers at University Health Network are a part of this excitement. As recently as the past year, researchers at UHN have made important advances against cancer, malaria, eating disorders, heart disease and Parkinson’s disease. New and proven treatments and procedures are tantalizingly close to saving lives but are simply not reaching patients fast enough.

Your gift towards the Office of Research Trainees will help change that. Please donate today. Your gift will support the scientific work our trainees are currently undergoing. It will ensure that critical research is continued. It will save lives by putting new knowledge and treatments into practice faster than ever before.

Please visit one of UHN’s two partner charitable foundations to donate.