Dr. Tabatha Wood

I am very pleased to be an assistant professor in Chemistry at the University of Winnipeg, with NSERC funding. I have been working towards this career since my undergraduate days—work that has been fueled by my excitement to investigate new areas of research and to pass my expertise on to new chemists. After completing a PhD in organic synthetic chemistry at Dalhousie University, I took up a

medicinal chemistry post‐doctoral fellowship at UHN. I worked in this capacity at the Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital (OCI/PMH) under the supervision of Dr. Aaron Schimmer from January 2007 to June 2010. I am extremely grateful for the generous AMGEN/OCI Fellowship award that initially funded my work and to Dr. Schimmer who facilitated my move from synthetic to medicinal

chemistry. The experience of working in the collaborative and multi‐disciplinary Schimmer lab was great. I loved how for any experiment imaginable, there were experts somewhere in UHN willing to volunteer their equipment and expertise to collaborate. My time at UHN has helped my new career through exposing me to a research environment rich in collaboration, which allowed me to develop a healthy

publication record and installed in me the willingness to pursue challenging research questions. Being a trainee is an exciting and important time in your career. However, it is only a stage in your life‐long development towards your ultimate career goal. So work hard and strive for accomplishment, but always look forward to the new challenges and opportunities for achievement that you will experience in the next stage of your career.