The ORT and University of Toronto Transplant Institute (TTI) Summer Program Presents: Career Seminar

721 1024 Office of Research Trainees


July 26, 2018


Celine Bauwens, Scientific Manager, Medicine by Design
Dr. Siba Haykal, Surgeon, Department of Surgery, University Health Network
Stephanie Holbik, Operations Manager, Ontario Brain Institute
John Robertson, Research Strategy Development Specialist, Techna part of University Health Network
Dr. Chia Wei Teoh, Pediatric Nephrologist, Sick Kids
Samantha Yammine, Scientific Communicator


Students and trainees will gain valuable insight into different careers and career paths of various speakers. They will obtain various insights from speakers within different areas giving a better understanding of various career paths and opportunities while navigating their own undergraduate or graduate learning, and/or careers. This event features introductions by speakers, followed by an open – panel session where students can ask questions to any of the speakers. If time permits, informal networking will take place.


Photography by Techna