Lab2Market-Health (L2M-H) is a virtual adaption of Lab2Market (L2M), specifically designed to address the need for ‘path-to-market’ support for researchers solving pressing problems in the healthcare industry.

Over 7 weeks, L2M-H will prepare researchers to navigate the path to market for new health technologies, such as:

(a) Diagnostics, drugs and therapeutics, as well as medical devices in vaccinology, immunology and infectious diseases;

(b) Artificial Intelligence (AI) for prediction of infectious diseases and pandemics, new drug discovery and health system responses to pandemics;

(c Disease surveillance and health system innovation for pandemics and reducing the threat of epidemics through the development and use of innovative tools; and

(d) Digital and virtual health solutions.


The program requires a commitment of 25 hours per week. By the end of the program, participants will:

  • Build critical thinking, collaboration, communication, innovation and entrepreneurship skills
  • Define clinical utility before spending millions of dollars
  • Understand their core customers, and the sales and marketing process required for initial clinical sales and downstream commercialization
  • Assess intellectual property and regulatory risk before they design and build
  • Gather data essential to customer partnerships/collaboration before doing the science
  • Identify and understand financial vehicles
  • Understand their regulatory pathway, and consulting with regulatory authorities
  • Understanding their clinical pathway to market

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