NCL-Stiftung Doctoral fellowships

Since 2002 we have been investigating the field of NCL research. We want to understand what causes this fatal disease. Our ambitious aim is to develop a therapy in order to be able to cure NCL. Therefore, the € 50,000 NCL research award is awarded each year to projects that contribute to curing NCL. Furthermore we fund scholarships with our donations. Worldwide we are the biggest single sponsor in this area. To react quickly to new developments, we also offer short-term start-up support. These short projects can be extended to larger ones where appropriate. And because there are many overlaps between childhood and adult dementia, the Neurodegeneration Award was initiated this year.

Application procedure & steps

  1. first contact our research leader Dr. Herman van der Putten or call +49 (163) 738 3083 to make sure the project is in line with our goals
  2. submit a letter of intent (see download below) to present the project briefly
  3. based on this we will decide whether to ask you to submit a full proposal. Full proposals will be examined by the board, the scientific advisory board and other external reviewers of the NCL Foundation.


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