(Neural) Networking with Cyclica

(Neural) Networking with Cyclica event poster. Accelerating your drug discovery research and career exploration. May 18th from 10-12pm. Presentations, Panel Q and A, and networking sessions

The ORT at UHN invites you to a 3-part webinar on Tuesday May 18th for (Neural) Networking with Cyclica. Join us to explore the research, careers, and opportunities at this exciting Toronto-based biotech company!

Learn about Cyclica and their AI-augmented platform that accelerates drug discovery, including hearing about opportunities with Cyclica’s Academic Partnerships Program or for Mitacs internships.

Meet 8 Cyclica team members from various groups including the Chief Strategy Officer, VP of Research and Development, and Directors of Technology and Scientific Computing. Hear about their career paths, learn from their experiences, ask questions and network during our breakout sessions!

Speaker details and register here.


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