The New Frontier: Tips and Tricks for Remaining Productive

The New Frontier: Tips and Tricks for Remaining Productive
May 14th | 12:00PM – 1:00PM

A large portion of the global workforce has recently been encouraged, or in some cases required, to work remotely. While some may be familiar with working outside of the office, for others, it is a new experience. According to the World Economic Forum, only 7% of U.S. workers previously had the option to work from home regularly. [1] Nevertheless, employees are expected to maintain productivity.

This intense learning curve has created questions regarding ongoing best practices. How can managers and individuals create an engaged community from behind a computer screen?

Join JLABS and Slack for a session as we investigate the best tips and tricks for working remotely. We will cover how to stay committed to your team, build boundaries, alternatives for those vital face-to-face interactions, and strategies that could help enable success. Specifically, for startups, we will investigate the best ways to run a team on limited resources and tips and approaches for you to use to potentially hit milestones from your home office.



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