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Seeds of Science: Episode 1 Sriranga Kashyap

Seeds of Science Podcast poster. Episode 1: October 20th at 8 am EST. Featuring Sriranga Kashyap | Postdoctoral Research Fellow. The poster is light green with a picture of Sri in the middle and the UHN seeds of science logo on the right.

Sriranga Kashyap pursued a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Biotechnology as it perfectly fit his interest in the technical aspects of biological sciences. For his Bachelor’s thesis research studying the effects of chronic stress induced anxiety-like behaviour in rats. He then completed the Research Master’s program in Cognitive & Clinical Neurosciences at Maastricht University where he carried out an ultra high-resolution 7 T MRI study characterizing the quantitative MRI properties of the human hippocampus for his Master’s thesis. In 2019, he completed a PhD on the acquisition and analysis methods for laminar fMRI using 7 T and 9.4 T MRI at Maastricht University. He worked as a postdoc in Maastricht before moving to Toronto in 2021 as a postdoc in the BRAIN-To Lab led by Dr. Kamil Uludag at TECHNA research institute.

He enjoys discussing science and brainstorming over a quality cup of coffee. While not engaged in research, he is reading natural history, epic fantasy and graphic novels, and travelling (when it’s affordable). He also closely follows (association) football and is trying to get into Canadian sports (go Maple Leafs?).

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