Seeds of Science Podcast – Episode 6

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Seeds of Science: Episode 6 Cristiana O’Brien

Seeds of Science Podcast poster. Episode 6: December 22nd at 8 am EST. Cristiana O'Brien, MSc student

Cristiana O’Brien completed her BSc at the University of Western Ontario in Microbiology and Immunology, and English Language and Literature with a certificate in Italian Language. Her studies led her to UHN where she worked for several years on fluorescent intraoperative breast cancer imaging model development and biology. Looking to challenge her technical skills and critical thinking, she joined the lab of Dr. Courtney Jones at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and soon after started her graduate studies at the University of Toronto under Dr. Jones’ supervision. Her research explores the role of the metabolic regulator sirtuin 3 in leukemia stem cells (LSCs). Specifically, she aims to interrogate the relationship between sirtuin 3 and lipid metabolism to characterize the roles that each play in LSC function and survival.

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