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ORT Update January 6, 2022
492 163 Office of Research Trainees

Welcome to the January 6, 2022 ORT Updates!

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UHN Postdoc Association (UHNPA)

Postdocs supporting Postdocs at UHN!

The UHN Postdoc Association (UHNPA) is run by a group of current UHN postdoctoral researchers advocating on behalf of all UHN postdocs. The UHNPA’s goal is to create a more interactive and inclusive postdoc community, and help its members benefit and succeed during their training at UHN.

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Seeds of Science Podcast

Seeds of Science Podcast Poster. The ORT logo is seen at the top left. Poster reads Seeds of Science Podcast. Each episode explores the unique experience of a UHN trainee including their research snapshot, achievements, obstacles and life outside of research! Tune in to biweekly episodes starting Oct 20th 2022! On the right is a picture of the podcast logo and a microphone

A podcast exploring the experiences of UHN Research Trainees and Postdocs!

The Seeds of Science podcast provides a platform for UHN graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to tell their stories and to connect and learn from each other. Each episode spotlights a single individual at different stages of their training – whether Masters or PhD candidates, or postdoctoral researchers. Learn about their exciting research, their unique goals for the future, and what they enjoy doing outside of their research. The trainees and postdoctoral researchers also offer their advice to junior trainees and undergraduate students who are considering a research career.

Learn more and listen to the podcast here.

Celebrating Trainee and Postdoc Successes

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UHN trainees and postdocs accomplish amazing things every day! The ORT loves celebrating trainee and postdoc accomplishments in our weekly update emails and on social media. This includes awards, fellowships, published papers, graduations, career transitions and more.

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