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UHN Postdoc Association (UHNPA)

Mission: Officially founded in 2021, the UHN Postdoc Association (UHNPA) is run by a group of current UHN postdoctoral researchers advocating on behalf of all UHN postdoc members. The UHNPA has five sub-committees which create initiatives and programming around communications, health and wellness, mentorship, professional development and social events.

Vision: The vision of the UHNPA is to create a more interactive and inclusive postdoc community, and help its members benefit and succeed during their training at UHN. 

Connect with the UHNPA

UHNPA Executive Team

Michael He – Chair
Email: michael.he@uhn.ca
LinkedIn: themichaelhe
Twitter: @themichaelhe
Instagram: @themichaelhe

Lucie Malbeteau – Treasurer
Email: lucie.malbeteau@uhnresearch.ca
LinkedIn: Lucie Malbeteau
Twitter: @LucieMalbeteau

Treasurer Arghavan Ashouri. Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Arghavan Ashouri – Treasurer
Email: arghavan.ashouri@uhn.ca
LinkedIn: ArghavanAshouri