A poster advertising the peer-to-peer workshop "Developing Smart Textiles for Healthcare Textile Fundamentals. On the left is a photo of the guest speaker, Dr. Kirsten Schaefer. On the right is a photo of some smart textile fabric with a sensor patch visible. Text in the middle reads "Learn textile fundamentals for applications in wearable technology for healthcare."

Developing Smart Textiles for Healthcare: Textile Fundamentals

Smart textiles offer promising new opportunities to provide remote care to patients and reduce the impact on hospital resources. However, engineering specialized sensing technologies and conductive components to monitor or treat patients is only half of the challenge; the textile itself must also support the needs of the technology and the person wearing it. Whether manufacturing your own yarns or working with ready-made fabrics, choosing the right textile for the task is a critical part of developing wearable technology.

In this Peer-to-Peer workshop, Dr. Kirsten Schaefer will present a snapshot of textile fundamentals from fibres to fabrics and highlight some helpful tips for incorporating textiles in wearable medical devices.

This webinar is free and open to UHN trainees and staff. The webinar recording will be sent to all registrants after the event.

Register for the webinar here.

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