Day 1 PDF Appreciation Week – Welcome and PowerPoint Karaoke Networking

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Poster for Day 1 of postdoc appreciation week. At the bottom is a banner with the UHN Postdoc Association logo, the ORT logo, National Postdoc Appreciation Week, 2022 September 19-23. #NPAW2022 and the details for how to follow the UHNPA on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The poster reads Monday September 19th, 12- 2pm. Welcome + PowerPoint Karaoke

Postdoc Appreciation Week Day 1: Welcome and PowerPoint Karaoke

September 19| 12:00 – 2:00 PM

The UHN Postdoc Association (UHNPA) and Office of Research Trainees (ORT) are excited to introduce the 2022 National Postdoc Appreciation Week (NPAW) at UHN!

For a stunning start, join our Day 1 Opening Session where you will hear from multiple UHN Leadership groups about how we build a better community for postdocs and how you can get engaged. The PowerPoint Karaoke Networking Session will follow, which allows a unique opportunity to have fun and make new connections with your peers, while winning gifts! See below for more information.

Opening Session – UHN Leadership Talks and Interactive Q&A (35 min)

  • “UHNPA – for postdocs, by postdocs” – Speaker: Dr. Michael He, Founder/Co-Chair, UHNPA & Postdoctoral Fellow, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
    UHNPA Leadership describes the establishment, the team, the goals, the initiatives, the achievements, and the future of UHNPA as a voluntary group run by postdocs for postdocs
  • “ORT with UHNPA – a stronger connection for a better community” – Speaker: Dr. Amanda Veri, Lead, Research Training Program, ORT
    ORT Leadership describes how ORT is committed to improving UHN postdocs’ research and social experiences at UHN and how ORT works and supports UHNPA to achieve this goal and make a better community for postdocs at UHN
  • “Ask UHNPA and ORT Anything” – Moderator: Dr. Olivia Lee, Co-Chair, UHNPA & Postdoctoral Fellow, Krembil Research Institute
    Interactive Q&A session to ask UHNPA and ORT Leadership any questions

PowerPoint Karaoke Networking Session (1.5 h) – Hosts: Dr. Lucie Malbeteau, Secretary, UHNPA & Postdoctoral Fellow, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Dr. Simon Pascual, Treasurer, UHNPA & Postdoctoral Fellow, Toronto General Hospital

This session invites attendees to watch as postdocs present single slides they have never seen, which are made by their peers using only images about themselves! The presenter will have 3 minutes to tell a story about their peer using the images on the slide. The original slide owner of will then tell everyone about themselves and how well the presenter did! Free gifts will be given to everyone who presents. After the PowerPoint Karaoke section, breakout rooms will be arranged to allow further networking sections where you can talk freely with each other.

This session will be full of fun and is a great opportunity to meet new friends and make deeper connections with your colleagues at UHN.

Everyone is welcome to attend (event without presenting!). Register for Postdoc Appreciation Week Events here. Add the event to your calendar here. Registrants interested in participating in the presentations will be sent simple instructions on slide preparation and presentation

Light blue poster with white shapes. On the left is the UHN postdoc association logo and the ORT logo. On the right is a yellow circle that reads National Postdoc Appreciation Week. September 19-23, 2022

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