Day 5: PDF Appreciation Week – Social

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Poster for Day 5 of postdoc appreciation week. At the bottom is a banner with the UHN Postdoc Association logo, the ORT logo, National Postdoc Appreciation Week, 2022 September 19-23. #NPAW2022 and the details for how to follow the UHNPA on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The poster reads UHNPA Social. September 23 at 12 noon over Zoom

Postdoc Appreciation Week Day 5: Social

September 23| 12:00 – 2:00 PM

The UHN Postdoc Association (UHNPA) and Office of Research Trainees (ORT) are excited to introduce the 2022 National Postdoc Appreciation Week (NPAW) at UHN! UHNPA Social marks the last and final event for the National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2022 at UHN. We invite you to join this social event where you will get to meet your peers from across the UHN institutes on Zoom. The main event is divided in two parts:

Part 1: Speed-Greet – With brief instructions, you will be randomly distributed into smaller groups where you will introduce yourself and get to know your peers. The groups will then be swapped so that everyone gets the chance to greet each other.

Part 2: Hobby-themed social – For this part of the event, there will be multiple hobby-themed breakout rooms, such as “Sport Talkies”, “Game Zone”, “Art-Life”, “Food-Fiesta”, “Music-Mania”, where you can join and chat with others freely based on the common interests and topics!

Closing Session: PRIZES will be given away during an exciting real-time Lucky Draw. Lucky winners will get a chance to win a “Limited Edition” UHNPA special prize and gift cards. To ENTER the DRAW all you have to do is REGISTER and come to enjoy the social with your peers!

Everyone is welcome to attend. Register for this and other Postdoc Appreciation Week Events here. Add event to your calendar here.

Light blue poster with white shapes. On the left is the UHN postdoc association logo and the ORT logo. On the right is a yellow circle that reads National Postdoc Appreciation Week. September 19-23, 2022

Register for UHN Postdoc Appreciation Week events here.

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