Green poster with ORT logo on the top left corner. Text in dark green reads: Increasing Sustainability in Research, April 29th, 2-3 pm, EST, Zoom. Join for an interactive discussion and resource sharing on how we can all take part in making health care research more green. On the right is a clipart image of the world in the shape of a heart. On the left is a picture of a light bulb, recycling image, and waste bucket.
Increasing Sustainability in Research
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A poster advertising the peer-to-peer workshop "Developing Smart Textiles for Healthcare Textile Fundamentals. On the left is a photo of the guest speaker, Dr. Kirsten Schaefer. On the right is a photo of some smart textile fabric with a sensor patch visible. Text in the middle reads "Learn textile fundamentals for applications in wearable technology for healthcare."
Developing Smart Textiles for Healthcare: Textile Fundamentals
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Poster for the Exploring Careers for Postdocs event by UHN Postdoc Association and Office of Research Trainees. The poster says meet the panelists and shows photos of all four panelists. Dr. Sean Locke, Associate Professor Brock University; Dr. Anna Cranston, Strategy Analyst, Jonex Global; Dr. Darren O'Hara, Senior Scientist, Almac Discovery; Dr. Anusha Ratneswaran, Clinical Evaluator at Health Canada. February 28, 1-3 pm
Exploring Careers for Postdocs
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An image with fireworks bordering it saying "Farewell 2021 Community Social" with the date and time of "Monday December 20th from 4 - 5 PM" underneath it. The graphic states the event will be over zoom and that it is hosted by the ORT and UHN Postdocs Association
ORT Farewell to 2021 Community Social
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A poster for the Research Professional Social Hour event featuring a Gather.Town image on the left and laptop on the right. Text on the poster states that it will be Nov. 24 at 1 pm and invites the RPs at UHN to join for an informal gathering to relax, network, and socialize over games together in Gather.Town.
Research Professional Social Hour
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A poster with ghosts, candy, and pumpkins bordering text announcing the ORT's "Trainee Halloween Social, October 28, 2021 at 3:00 PM at Queen's Park." The event text invites you to "join us for candy, games, and a chance to meet other trainees at UHN".
ORT Trainee Halloween Social
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Poster for PDF Appreciation Week 2021. September 20-24. The poster is beige with an image of two scientists, one with a microscope writing on a piece of paper and another with different blue bubbles of science objects coming out of the flask.
Postdoc Appreciation Week 2021
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